Video interview with medical publisher Rob Koenraads: Improving interaction with content marketing

Video interview with medical publisher Rob Koenraads: Improving interaction with content marketing, by

How do pharma marketeers improve the interaction with their target group? Rob Koenraads, director of Medix Publishers, explains how to use content marketing to reach patients and health care professionals in the video interview below. Also, do not forget to read his three top advices!

1. Help patients to improve their quality of life

Fulfill the needs of your target group. Patients want to be helped as soon as possible and doctors want the best care for their patients. For online patient assistance it is important to provide reliable information about treatment and diseases. Develop a platform that is useful for patients and which they will revisit. For example, tips and advices or contact with health professionals are always appreciated. Furthermore, you can organise online office hours by doctors to facilitate telecare or participate in social media to win the sympathy of patients.

2. Acquire unique visitors by creating attractive content

How do you make your content shareable? Social appreciation is the key. People are more willing to share messages if there is an emotional component, because it will boost their likeability. Several factors will increase the emotional relatability of your content, but the most important aspect is to adapt your message to the target group in respect of length, topic and use of language. Is it easy to read, visually attractive and does it involve a storyline? Furthermore, do not only pay attention to evoking an emotion, but make sure the right feelings are aroused. This will help to grasp the attention of your target group.

3. Choose the right channels and create controversy

Together with the use of smartphones, tablets and pcs, the use of social media is ever increasing among patients and doctors. Also, medical practitioners use supporting medical apps on a daily basis. To reach your target group, it is therefore crucial to use all these channels and transmit a consistent message in a recognisable style which will increase your name recognition and outreach. Focus on your client and optimise the interaction for individual behaviour and gather information about your targets conduct by assessing the results of your multichannel campaign.

Do you address your customers need for information in a creative and innovative way? Medix enables investment in long-term relations with content marketing. Interested in our services? Contact us and make an appointment with one of our advisers. 

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