Multichannel Marketing Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Multichannel Marketing Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry, by

The importance of having a multichannel marketing strategy is no longer a new way of thinking for today’s marketeer. Implementing a marketing strategy with just one starting and ending point is obsolete. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the many industries that have embraced multichannel marketing strategies. However, the optimisation of communication and marketing across many channels, especially online channels, has yet to be implemented efficiently in this industry.

In this new monthly blog series, we will start with a review at last year’s multichannel marketing expectations, after which we will discuss the upcoming trends for this year within pharma. 

Last year’s Top Trends – What did we learn so far?

Social Analytics

Just like every year since the rise of social media, 2014 was the year that pharma was going to embrace social media as a key element in their marketing strategy. In some ways, the development was put on hold due to strict drug safety considerations. This prevented marketeers from engaging with their target group and creating interaction with them. 

When one-on-one interaction with the target group was out of the equation, the focus shifted to monitoring. By analysing data and monitoring what people talk about, marketeers could strengthen their closed-loop marketing (CLM) strategies and still interact whenever appropriate.

Visual Content Marketing

Last year’s trend of spreading more visual content can be linked to the need in pharma of having a social media strategy. In a social media environment, an image can be worth more than a thousand words, especially when the content is not data driven. In 2014, the combination of textual information and visuals such as video, images, and infographics has been an important strategy to reach your audience and achieve your communication goals.

Mobile Web first

Investing in and creating your own app is not always the solution - in fact, building a custom app will probably be the cause of many problems. Reaching your target audience with an app means creating an app for different operating systems, different device types and last but not least maintenance. 

Throughout different industries, not just in pharma, marketeers started to realise that the mobile web could be the answer to their problems. An essential element of mobile-proof websites is to be responsive, meaning that the displayed content should fit nicely on any device. Last year the next step was taken in web design. We saw a significant grow in adaptive websites. This web design places functionality at the same level of importance as design. 

Do you agree with our review on multichannel-marketing for pharma in 2014? Let us know how you experienced 2014, and tell us what you are expecting this year! 

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