Coming soon: MedZine Contact & MedZine Chat

Coming soon: MedZine Contact & MedZine Chat, by

The Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers, has set the goal to provide online care via telecommunication for everyone who receives care and support at home. To support this, the popular medical news app MedZine expands its services with two new applications.

With these extensions, Medix contributes to the efficiency of healthcare and the improvement of patient compliance. 

Our new application MedZine Contact enables telemedicine by facilitating video communication between healthcare professionals, between doctor and patient, as well as between doctors and the health industry. 

Needless to say, the app is NEN standardised and ISO certified. Additionally, MedZine Contact can be linked to the electronic patient dossier; to LSP, enabling safe transfer of patient files; and to other data systems. This way, insurance can directly cover the consultation costs. Reach your busy doctor in an easy, quick and effective way. Online!

Our second new application, MedZine Chat, is an innovative communication tool that connects stakeholders in healthcare using a safe environment. Almost every HCP uses WhatsApp, chats and shares forms, pictures and patient results, even though data protection is not ensured according to Trendition (Nictiz en REshape/Radboudumc) and Deloitte. 

MedZine Chat is the first trustworthy and secured messaging service in healthcare. Next to connecting doctors, it connects doctor and patient, by mobile phone and PC. Furthermore, the app can be linked to the electronic patient dossier and other data systems, enabling insurance coverage of both multidisciplinary meetings and consultations. Take no risk and use MedZine Chat to safely handle your patient information!

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